Jordan prince warns of future clashes over water shortages

Jordan's Prince Hasan said water and energy shortages in the Middle-East could lead to bloody clashes within 15 years if solutions are not discussed now.

Jordan prince warns of future clashes over water shortages

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Prince Hasan of Jordan, who is the uncle of King Abdullah, has warned that a war for water and energy reserves in the Middle-East could prove to be bloodier than the clashes of the Arab Spring.

Speaking to The Times newspaper, Prince Hasan warned that if regional leaders did not gather to discuss how to deal with water and energy shortages, in 15 years time they may dry out completely.

He told The Times that Jordan had the third lowest water reserves in the world, and that the lack of water and constant power cuts were already leading to protests in the country.

Due to an increase in population, having taken on a number of Syrian and Palestinian refugees, the country was on the verge of no longer being able to meet the needs of its people, he said.

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