Kerry: Brotherhood stole Egypt revolution-UPDATED

Kerry accused the Muslim Brotherhood on Wednesday of stealing Egypt’s revolution, a statement that has been met positively by the post-coup interim government while attracting criticism from the Brotherhood.

Kerry: Brotherhood stole Egypt revolution-UPDATED

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U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry accused the Muslim Brotherhood Wednesday of stealing Egypt’s revolution, in some of his toughest comments yet about the party that took power in the nation’s first democratic election.

In a speech to a forum on enhancing links between private sector businesses and diplomatic security agencies, Kerry said “the best antidote to extremism is opportunity.”

“Those kids in Tahrir Square, they were not motivated by any religion or ideology. They were motivated by what they saw through this interconnected world, and they wanted a piece of the opportunity and a chance to get an education and have a job and have a future, and not have a corrupt government that deprived them of all of that and more,” the top U.S. diplomat said.

Egypt hails 'positive signals' from U.S.

Egypt's Foreign Ministry on Thursday said the US administration was sending "positive signals" regarding its support for the "will of the Egyptian people" and the June 30 "revolution" that led to the ouster of elected president Mohamed Morsi.

"The US secretary of state is sending positive signals that affirm US support for the will of the Egyptian people and their June 30 revolution," foreign ministry spokesman Badr Abdel-Ati told Anadolu Agency.

According to Abdel-Ati, Kerry "conveyed a clear message during his recent visit to Cairo that the US president supports [Egypt's] interim government and the [army-imposed] transitional roadmap."

"He [Kerry] also condemned terrorism and violence, which shows that Washington is becoming increasingly aware of what's happening [in Egypt]," the spokesman added.

Abdel-Ati went on to assert that "strategic dialogue" would soon begin between Cairo and Washington.

"We're witnessing good relations with Washington," he said, adding that the anticipated strategic dialogue with Washington would cover political, military, economic and trade issues.

"There's a mutual desire on the part of Washington and Cairo to develop [bilateral] relations," he added.

US wants to 'thwart' Arab Spring

A Muslim Brotherhood leader has said that US Secretary of State John Kerry's recent assertions that the Islamist group "stole" Egypt's January 25 Revolution had exposed Washington's desire to "thwart" the Arab Spring uprisings.

"Kerry's statements reflect the true face of the US administration's policies," Amr Darrag, a leader of the Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party, told Anadolu Agency on Thursday.

"These assertions show that the US has supported the [July 3] coup since the beginning and backs moves that contravene American values and human rights," Darrag said.

He added that Kerry's accusations "serve to refute claims that the US administration supports the Brotherhood."

Darrag went on to dismiss Kerry's claims that the Brotherhood had hijacked Egypt's revolution.

"The Brotherhood's role during the revolution was crystal clear," he asserted.

"It is now clear that the US administration is behind attempts to abort the Arab Spring revolutions," Darrag said.

He added: "I'm confident that the will of the people, democracy and legitimacy will prevail in the end."

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