Lebanese politician says U.S. has created a 'new Islam'

Dr. Nacib Hoteit, a Lebanese politician and political analyst described how the United States is attempting to create a new, American model of Islam in the Middle-East in order to serve its interests in the region.

Lebanese politician says U.S. has created a 'new Islam'

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In an interview published by Russia Today on November 20, Dr. Nacib Hoteit highlighted the use of ‘takfiri’ groups who serve U.S. and Israeli interests in the region by fighting fellow Muslims while ignoring the issue of Palestine.

Claiming that instead of fighting Al Qaeda, the U.S. and its allies are supporting its growth, he implied that Al Qaeda supporters who were once locked up in Saudi Arabia, Libya and Tunisia were released specifically to fight in Afghanistan against the former Soviet Union, and are now being used for the same purposes in Syria.

Additionally, he claimed that the U.S. supported Al Qaeda’s spread in Iraq, a movement which later moved on to Syria, in a bid to spread chaos across the region and wipe out elements of eastern Christianity, comparing it to Israel’s policy on the Christians of Palestine.

Mentioning his belief that the Syrian civil war is currently at a stalemate, and that neither regime leader Bashar al-Assad nor the American sponsored ‘takfiri’ groups could claim a straight victory, he said, ‘Americans do not take defeat easily. And when they leave, they will start a fire…(Takfirists) will go back to their home countries and ignite the flames of feud,’ in a bid to spread civil wars and establish emirates.

He went on to accuse the takfirist groups of working with American intelligence agents to sow discord among sects in Lebanon and the current sectarian clashes between Sunnis and Shiites in the Middle-East on the failed foreign policy of the U.S. and Israel.

He said that the Americans and Israelis were encouraging a form of Islam that was obsessed with ‘male and female genitals’, referring to a fatwa issued by a Saudi scholar who forbid women from driving because its was damaging to their ovaries. ‘As if Islam boils down to genitals and intercourse,’ he complained.

The head of Saudi Arabia’s intelligence, Prince Bandar, was not spared any criticism. Accusing Bandar of taking his orders from the White House, Hoteit called him ‘an American who seeks to get the Saudi Arabian throne.’ Hoteit also accused him, along with King Abdullah, of being the leaders of Al Qaeda.

Furthermore, Hoteit said that the British were the first to attempt creating a ‘new Islam’ based on takfir (the act of declaring non-compliant sects as heretics), which was later utilized by the French in north Africa to stir sectarianism. Having adopted this method, the U.S. has also tried to create a new Islam, an ‘American Islam,’ which he said is ‘as artificial a construct as Christian Zionists.’

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