Mavi Marmara chaos in Israeli Knesset

Chaos erupted in the Knesset as several members charged and tried to attack Arab member Hanin Zoabi for referring to the IDF soldiers as murdererss

Mavi Marmara chaos in Israeli Knesset

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Several furious MKs charged towards the podium as Hanin Zoabi labelling the IDF as murderers on Wednesday afternoon. Zoabi was referring to the Turkey reconciliation deal saying that  "The person who murdered is the one who needs to apologize. You need to apologize."

Zoabi, who took part in the flotilla from Turkey that attempted to break the Israeli blockade on the Hamas-run coastal enclave, was berated in the Knesset by other members who attempted to approach the podium and have her removed.

Nine Turkish nationals, including one with American citizenship, were killed when the IDF commandos violently attacked those on board the Mavi Marmara, the final ship in the flotilla.  A tenth Turkish national died of his wounds years later. 

The turmoil increased substantially after Zoabi finished speaking. She asked to return to the podium to apologize, but then repeated her earlier sentiments: "As long as there is a blockade (on Gaza), I will object to the blockade, and there's a need to organize more flotillas."

Hamad Amar (Yisrael Beytenu), who was chairing the session, ordered Zoabi to rescind her inflammatory speech: "If you don't apologize, I'll remove you." Zoabi replied, "The person who murdered is the one who needs to apologize. Nine activists were murdered; you need to apologize and end the blockade on Gaza."

MKs Mickey Levy (Yes Atid), Micky Rosenthal (Zionist Union), Basel Ghattas (Joint Arab List), and Zehava Galon (Meretz) were removed from the plenum. Levy yelled at Zoabi, "(You) filth!" During the chaos that erupted, visiting IDF soldiers were observing in the gallery.

Zoabi’s comments comes just one day Israel signed a deal with Turkey to restore ties, after years of cold relations that was exacerbated by the raid. The deal provides for Israel to pay Turkey $20 million compensation over the Marmara raid, a point objected to by some Israeli politicians.

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