Morsi refuses to recognize court

"The president does not recognize the court and the defense team adopts the same stand," Azab said.

Morsi refuses to recognize court

A spokesperson of the defense team of ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi said on Sunday that the members of the team would attend the first session of Morsi's trial on November 4 only as observers, not lawyers.

Lawyer Mustafa Azab said the team members would not defend the deposed leader during the trial, because the latter does not recognize the trial.

Morsi is due to appear before court on November 4 on charges of inciting his supporters to kill demonstrators outside the Ittihadiya Presidential Palace in December last year.

"There will be no defense lawyers for the president in the trial," Azab said.

"The president does not recognize the court and the defense team adopts the same stand," he added.

Azab invited the world's lawyers and justice advocates to attend the trial as observers to see what he described as the "abuse" of justice in Egypt.

Morsi's family had earlier announced that he does recognize the court's legitimacy. He does not approve of the trial. His defense team said an official spokesperson for the team would be named following the trial to speak to the media about the ousted president's legal situation.

In a statement on Saturday, the team denied reports that the so-called international network of the Muslim Brotherhood had enlisted the services of lawyers from Qatar and Turkey to defend the ousted president.

"Such reports are out of touch with reality," the defense team wrote in its statement. "It is part of a campaign launched by media supporting the military coup to deflect attention from the crimes committed by the coup authorities, which include the abuse of justice."

With only two weeks left before the start of the trial, the authorities have not announced the venue where this trial will be held. Morsi's backers and pro-democracy groups have vowed to stage massive protests across this week against the trial.

It will be Morsi's first court appearance since his July 3 ouster by the military following massive protests against his presidency.

Morsi, Egypt's first democratically elected president, has not been seen in public since his ouster and subsequent arrest more than three months ago. His whereabouts remain unknown.

Also standing trial on November 4 will be senior Muslim Brotherhood leaders Mohamed al-Beltagi and Essam al-Arian, the latter of whom will be tried in absentia.

Former Morsi presidential aides Asaad Sheikha, Ahmed Abdel-Aati and Ayman Abdel-Raouf, meanwhile, all face similar charges of "incitement to murder."

Prosecutors allege that the defendants had incited the killing of ten people during last year's clashes outside Cairo's Ittihadiya presidential palace.

The ousted president faces several other charges as well, all of which his supporters say are politically motivated.

Morsi is further accused of "conspiring" with Gaza-based resistance faction Hamas with the aim of carrying out "hostile acts" inside Egypt.

Morsi faces additional charges of helping prisoners – including himself – break out of jail during Egypt's 2011 revolution, sabotaging public property and abducting security personnel.


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