Morsi rejects questions about his lawyer

Ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi shuns the judge's queries about his legal representation at his trial.

Morsi rejects questions about his lawyer

World Bulletin / News Desk

Ousted President Mohamed Morsi on Monday shunned questions by the judge presiding over his trial as to whether he had authorized legal expert Selim al-Awa to defend him.

"I am the legitimate president of the country," Morsi responded each time the judged asked the question.

Legal experts say Morsi's refusal to answer the question was in line with the ousted president's rejection of the trial's validity.

Had Morsi responded, they explained, this would have been tantamount to Morsi's recognition of the trial's constitutional legitimacy.

Selim al-Awa, a former presidential contender, along with six other lawyers, attended Monday's court proceedings as the defendants' legal representatives.

Lawyers for the prosecution, for their part, claimed that al-Awa did not have the right to speak for Morsi in court since he had not been formally hired as the ousted president's lawyer.

Some members of the defense team reportedly still hold powers-of-attorney granted by Morsi before the latter became Egypt's first freely elected president in mid-2012. The powers-of-attorney are still said to be valid.


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