Morsi to face fresh trial for 'illusory' electoral platform

The ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi will face a fresh trial before a misdemeanor court for 'deceiving' voters by not keeping his promises in his one year in power.

Morsi to face fresh trial for 'illusory' electoral platform

World Bulletin / News Desk

An Egyptian court has set December 23 for the start of a new trial for ousted president Mohamed Morsi who will face fresh charges of "promoting an illusory electoral program."

The Burg al-Arab Misdemeanor Court said it would hear the lawsuit, filed against Morsi by lawyer Samir Sabri, accusing the ousted leader of "fraud" for promoting an "illusory" electoral program, dubbed the "Nahda" ("Renaissance") Project.

Sabri accuses Morsi of "deceiving" Egyptians into believing that, were he elected president, he would achieve freedom, prosperity, rule of law and justice for Egyptians – promises, Sabri alleges, that the deposed leader failed to deliver during his single year in office.

Trials held before misdemeanor courts do not require the defendant's attendance.

Morsi, Egypt's first freely-elected civilian president, appeared in court on Monday with seven other defendants to answer charges that he had incited the murder of demonstrators last year.

It was his first public appearance since he was removed by the military establishment on July 3 following massive demonstrations against his presidency. His supporters insist that the charges against him are politically motivated.

Trial proceedings in the incitement case were postponed by almost two months – they are now slated to resume on January 8 – after defense lawyers asked for more time to examine documentation related to the case.

Morsi, for his part, refuses to recognize the trial's legitimacy and has refused to take on any formal legal representation.

At Monday's court session, the ousted leader told the presiding judge that he still represented "Egypt's legitimate president."

Morsi is further accused by Egypt's new military-backed government of "conspiring" with Gaza-based resistance faction Hamas with the aim of carrying out "hostile acts" inside Egypt.

He also faces charges of helping prisoners – including himself – break out of jail during Egypt's 2011 revolution, sabotaging public property and abducting security personnel.

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