Netanyahu mocked Biden's meeting Naftali Bennett: Israeli media

Former Israeli prime minister hinted Biden fell asleep while meeting Israeli premier in August.

Netanyahu mocked Biden's meeting Naftali Bennett: Israeli media

Israeli media suggested that former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had mocked US President Joe Biden while meeting current Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett in August in the White House.

The Israeli Walla news website late on Sunday said that Netanyahu mocked Biden when he imitated him in a video by letting his head swiftly fall down in reference to, what he suggested, Biden falling asleep while meeting Bennett.

When asked about the Biden-Bennett meeting, Netanyahu replied in a sarcastic way, letting his head fall down in a swift motion and saying “I heard that Biden was very attentive” in the meeting.

Following Netanyahu's comments, his opposition Likud party released a statement to deny the claims of Netanyahu's mocking and affirmed that Netanyahu did not criticize Biden who has been a friend to Israel for 40 years.

On Aug. 27, Bennett met Biden in the Oval Office in Washington in his first meeting as Israeli prime minister where both discussed the Iranian issue and the Middle East peace process.

Bennett replaced Netanyahu as Israeli prime minister in June ending his 12-year period in power as Israel's longest-serving prime minister.