New massacre by Assad regime, FSA downs aircraft

The Assad regime is accused of a new massacre, while the Free Syrian Army is claimed to have crashed an aircraft.

New massacre by Assad regime, FSA downs aircraft

World Bulletin/News Desk

The Syrian Revolution General Commission (SRGC) declared that 17 unidentified burned bodies were found in the Avar region in Homs, defining the incident as the "new massacre by the Assad regime."

The SRGC also announced that a bomb exploded in northern city Hasaka's Nushwa region, but did not record any information about victims.

The SRGC added that the Tawhid brigade of Free Syrian Army (FSA) seized most of the buildings of a central hospital in Aleppo, and warplanes bombed sites near the prison.

"FSA downed a military plane in Idlib"

On the other hand, the FSA claims to have crashed a military plane in Idlib, said sources.

Syria Local Coordination Committee (LCC) claimed that FSA troops downed a military plane carrying ammunition to the Abu Zuhair base.


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