New system in Syria must embrace all groups

Countries in good relations with Russia and Iran may begin the political process, said former adviser to Assad

New system in Syria must embrace all groups

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Dr. Samir et-Taki, former adviser to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his late father Hafez al-Assad, on Monday said that the new system to be established in Syria had to embrace all groups.      

In an exclusive interview with the Anadolu Agency (AA), Dr. et-Taki, the current chairman of the think-tank organization Orient Research Center in Dubai, stressed that the incidents in Syria had to be solved immediately.      

Assistance extended to Syria must not be limited with just health related aid, Dr. et-Taki noted.      

"Especially Turkey provides humanitarian and health assistance to the Syrian people. What is crucial is to be able to carry aid to within Syria and begin a political process to end the clashes in Syria," Dr. et-Taki underlined.      

"Incidents in Syria must be handled with a new perspective. UN's Special Envoy on Syria Lakhdar Brahimi must get supported but more must be done for Syria. As a new alternative, countries in good relations with Russia and Iran may begin the political process (for Syria). Countries such as Canada, South Africa, Indonesia and Turkey could get together for a political solution in Syria. These countries can guide the process from outside. Turkey must be in this group as Turkey's role is crucial," et-Taki stressed.      

"These countries can establish a union for a solution in Syria and to make sure aid reaches all parts of Syria. In order to accomplish this, the countries must talk with Assad and reach a compromise," Dr. et-Taki also said.      

"Later on, a political process must begin and all groups in Syria must join this process. All Syrians, including the Nusra Front and Assad, must join the process. Foreign powers should stay out of the process. What is important is to protect the territorial integrity of Syria. The system to be established may be a 'federal' one. Different groups may administer different regions," et-Taki also said.      

Dr. Samir et-Taki settled in Dubai after incidents of violence erupted in Syria.

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