Prisoner swap with Assad regime 'impossible'

Syrian National Coalition says prisoner swap between Assad regime and opposition impossible, as Geneva II talks continue.

Prisoner swap with Assad regime 'impossible'

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The Syrian opposition cannot agree to trading prisoners with the Assad regime, who they acuse of holding civillians while they claim to only have soldiers themselves, an opposition spokesman said on Sunday.

Louay Safi, who represents the Syrian National Coalition, told reporters the Assad regime holds civilians as prisoners because of their dissenting opinion. “The opposition side only holds soldiers as prisoners, who were captured during fights. That’s why a prisoner swap is impossible between the two sides.”

Safi also confirmed that opposition armed forces in Syria have promised they will not attack humanitarian aid convoys, whereas Assad regime has not yet given any guarantees.

The release of prisoners and detainees was also discussed in Sunday's morning session, with the Syrian regime representatives asking the opposition to compile a list of all who have been detained by its associated organizations.

Stressing that 100 thousand prisoners have been held by Syrian regime, Safi said, “the condition of prisoners is really bad. They have been tortured systematically. Ranya el-Abbasi, with his wife and six children, has been held in prisons for months; despite doing nothing against Syrian regime."

The Syrian opposition promptly provided the requested list of 2,300 women and children to the regime delegation during Sunday's morning session.

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