Pro-Assad regime forces, PYD/PKK clash in Syria

At least 20 pro-regime soldiers, 5 PYD/PKK terrorists killed during clashes in Deir az-Zor region, local sources say

Pro-Assad regime forces, PYD/PKK clash in Syria

World Bulletin / News Desk

Forces loyal to Bashar-al Assad's regime clashed with PYD/PKK terrorists in Syria’s Deir az-Zor region on Sunday.

The pro-Assad regime forces initially took control of the Al-Hisan and Shaqrah villages after clashes in the morning.

Later, the PYD/PKK terrorists sent reinforcements from its camps located in the region.

With the air support of the U.S. warplanes and Apache helicopters, the PYD/PKK retook the villages, the sources said.

In the clashes, at least 20 pro-regime forces and five PYD/PKK terrorists were killed.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 30 Nisan 2018, 09:27