Russia only country to 'legitimately operate in Syria'

Russian president's spokesman says use of armed forces in other countries can only be done if there is UNSC resolution or official government's request

Russia only country to 'legitimately operate in Syria'

World Bulletin / News Desk

Russia will be the only country to legitimately to conduct armed forces operation in Syria since country's government requested it, Russian President's spokesman Dmitriy Peskov said Wednesday. 

"As we all know, use of armed forces in third countries can be conducted if there is such resolution issued by UN Security Council or legitimate government of a particular country requests so.

"Therefore, actually Russia is going to be the only country to legitimately use its armed forces in Syria, since legitimate president of the country - Bashar Assad - asked for military aid," Peskov said. 

Earlier on Wednesday, upper-house of Russian parliament unanimously granted Russian President Vladimir Putin right to use military force in Syria. 

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