Russian mine-clearing team arrives in Syria's Palmyra

More than 150 specialists arrive in historical city, Russian Defense Ministry says 

Russian mine-clearing team arrives in Syria's Palmyra

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A demining team from Moscow arrived in Syria's Palymira to help clear the historical city of mines, the Russian Defense Ministry said Thursday.

More than 150 specialists of the International Mine Action Center, and a unit with mine detection dogs will be involved in the mine-clearing operation, the statement said.

"Moreover, the Russian servicemen will test prospective samples of explosive searching and detection equipment as well as personnel protection uniform," it added. 

Syrian regime said on March 2 that it had recaptured the ancient Palmyra city from Daesh with the help of Russian air units and Iranian groups on the ground.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Palmyra Media Center official Khalid el-Humsi said the regime forces "fully" captured Palmyra.

Daesh had retaken the historically rich city in December from Syrian forces who had formerly ousted the terror group in March last year.

When Daesh first held the city in May 2015, they blew up the 2,000-year-old Temple of Bel and other irreplaceable archeological sites. Concerns had been renewed that the city, which hosts a UNESCO world heritage site, could face a new wave of demolitions with militants back in control. 

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