Saudi blockade leaves 20mn Yemeni in crisis

The blockade by Saudi Arabia has left more than 20 million people in Yemen in desperate need of food and water

Saudi blockade leaves 20mn Yemeni in crisis

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Twenty million Yemenis, nearly 80% of the population, are in dire need of food, water and medical supplies, in a humanitarian disaster that aid agencies say has been spiralled since the naval blockade imposed by the Arab coalition with US and British backing.

Washington and London have tried to persuade Saudi Arabia to temper the attacks, and in particular to ease the naval embargo. Whilst a small number of aid ships have been allowed to unload, the bulk of commercial shipping, are being blocked.

Despite western and UN entreaties, Riyadh has also failed to release any of the $274m it promised in funding for humanitarian relief. Riyadh is still controlling which aid workers will be allowed into Yemen. According to UN figures due to be released next week 78% of the population is in need of emergency aid, an increase of 4 million over the past three months. 

Nuha Abdul Jabber, Oxfam represenative in Sana'a said that “The blockade means it’s impossible to bring anything into the country. There are lots of ships, with basic things like flour, that are not allowed to approach. The situation is deteriorating, hospitals are now shutting down, without diesel. People are dying of simple diseases. It is becoming almost impossible to survive.”

Güncelleme Tarihi: 05 Haziran 2015, 17:02