SNC: World tolerates massacres

Israel's attack independent of events in Syria,"Massacre in Banias continue. They are result of ethnic and sectarian cleansing in Latakia," said Syrian National Coalition representative

SNC: World tolerates massacres

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"Israel's attacks against Syria were related to its own engagement rules and aims at protecting its own interests" said Khalid Hodja, the representative of Syrian National Coalition for Opposition and Revolutionary Forces in Turkey.      

Speaking to the Anadolu Agency (AA), Hodja stated that Israel defined replacement of the chemical weapons as a threat against its national interests, therefore it was only concerned with protecting its own national interests, neither with supporting Assad nor with the opposition. "Whoever had been ruling Syria, Israel would have taken this action. Therefore Israel's attack was independent of the war in Syria" added Hodja.         

Expressing that the massacres continued in al-Bayda village of Banias district of Tartus, Hodja said "attacks were the result of ethnic and sectarian cleansing in Latakia" said Hodja.      

In addition, Hodja claimed that terrorists wanted by Turkey were also participating in the massacres against civilians.  

Pointing out that Syrian opposition needed anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons in order to protect civilians, Hodja noted "the world tolerates death of a nation every single day by behaving indecisive on Syria issue. There is disinformation campaign in the world to not let understanding who is righteous and who is not in Syria. If chemical weapons are more important than thousands of innocent individuals, this means the West is in an ethical crisis" told Hodja.      

Local sources claim more than 700 died in al-Bayda since May 3.     

Israeli jets targeted various Syrian sites in the past four days in two separate attacks.

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