Son of Yemeni Salafist leader killed

The son of Yemeni Salafist leader was killed by Houthi rebels.

Son of Yemeni Salafist leader killed

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The son of a local Salafist leader in Yemen's flashpoint town of Dammaj was killed on Tuesday, with fingers being pointed at Houthi rebels.

"Houthi snipers killed Abdel-Rahman, the son of our leader Sheikh Yahya al-Hajoori," Sorour al-Wadai, the spokesman for the Salafist group Sorour al-Wadai, told Anadolu Agency.

A number of local residents were also injured, he added.

The northern town has seen several rounds of fighting since 2011 between the Shiite rebels and Salafist, leaving dozens dead.

A presidential mediation committee has failed to enforce a ceasefire between the two sides, Al-Wadai said.

Salafitsts accused the Houthis of besieging the only Salafist-controlled town in the majority Saada province, while Houthis claimed they were trying to flush out foreign extremist and takfiri groups.

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