Syria opposition denies it attacked Armenians

Opposition member dismissed allegations that opposition fighters harmed the Armenian community in the northwestern town of Kasab as 'false'.

Syria opposition denies it attacked Armenians

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Syrian opposition has refuted claims that its fighters attacked the Armenian community of Kasab in the northwestern coast after capturing the town in late March.

Leading armed opposition group Free Syrian Army commander Anas Abu Malik told AA on Thursday that opposition fighters were "making a great effort" to meet the needs of the local community.

The town of Kasab, in Syria's main port city Latakia, has over 2,000 inhabitants, who are mostly of Armenian origin.

Malik warned against a media campaign by the Syrian regime, which seeks to pressure the opposition by claiming the residents were attacked after the town was captured by the Free Syrian Army two weeks ago.

Malik said the regime wanted to create the image of a conflict between "extremists and minorities" in Syria.

"The war in Syria is between the oppressed Syrian people, who want freedom, and the oppressive regime which killed 150,000 people in three years," he said.

Abdel Wahed Estifo, a Christian member of the main opposition group Syrian National Coalition, said Thursday opposition fighters were sensitive in their treatment of the communities in areas where they hold control.

"The regime of [Syrian President Bashar] Assad is raining bombs on its people - Alawites and Sunnis, Muslims and Christians, Arabs and Armenians alike," Estifo said. "The people of Kasab need protection not from the opposition, but from Assad."

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