Syria torture must lead to intervention, says Turkey

Eight new photographs allegedly depicting torture carried out by Syrian government forces, bring new impetus to calls for intervention, says AK party chairman.

Syria torture must lead to intervention, says Turkey

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Turkey's ruling party uses the appearance of new photographs allegedly depicting torture in Syria, which were submitted by the Anadolu Agency’s New York Bureau to the UN on Friday, to reiterate the call for international agencies to intervene in Syria.

"This is a great shame for the Syrian regime, and for whole world who has remained silent on Syrian massacre. We are strongly condemn and the United Nations should immediately intervene," said Numan Kurtulmus, deputy chairman of Turkey's ruling AK Party.

The Anadolu Agency obtained eight new photos, via a former Syrian army officer, allegedly showing torture committed by the Syrian regime against detained opposition members in the country’s capital city of Damascus.

"We are doing our brotherhood duty as Turkey since the beginning of the Syrian crisis. We want immediate peace in Syria, in the way the Syrian people want, and a democratic regime within the rules. Assad's bloody regime cannot continue." he added.

At the request of UN officials the agency submitted the eight photos to the French UN Ambassador Gerard Araud who will send the photos to the commission in Geneva for investigation.

The photos were obtained the same day as the UN Security Council voted on a resolution to bring the Syrian civil war before the International Criminal Court.

The agency has also shared these photos with leading media organizations including the New York Times, CNN, Wall Street Journal and the Huffington Post.

Previously, the agency published pictures showing torture in Syria on January 20 along with a detailed report entitled “Syria war crimes evidence." 

Meanwhile, U.S. State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki said, "these atrocities are exactly why we have supported efforts like the one that occurred in the UN Security Council to refer the Syrian regime to the ICC," in response to a question from an AA correspondent at Thursday’s daily briefing.

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