Syrian National Coalition can't enroll new members

The expansion of the Syrian National Coalition with new members remained inconclusive.

Syrian National Coalition can't enroll new members

The expansion of Syrian National Coalition for Opposition and Revolutionary Forces (SNC) with 18 new members remained inconclusive. 

SNC's general assembly, which was expected to continue for just 3 days, is still going on in Istanbul. 

According to information received from opposition sources by AA, two thirds majority rule should be provided to confirm the list, which consists of 18 members; however, there was no result for the confirmation of the list last night. 

A coalition member, who did not want his name to be announced, said that different political groups in the coalition threatened to resign. 

"The representatives of some countries got the opposition under pressure for enrolling new members; however, ending the embargo on the Syrian opposition by EU will positively affect the session," said the member of coalition. 

In the meetings, SNC will negotiate the enrollment of new members, and also attendance the "Geneva Conference", which was launched by the effort of USA and Russia,  

Furthermore, the session was extended two days more. 


Güncelleme Tarihi: 28 Mayıs 2013, 17:31