Syrian opposition appoints representative to Jordan

The decision followed Jordan's move to expel Syrian regime's ambassador in Amman for his "repeated offensive remarks" against the kingdom.

Syrian opposition appoints representative to Jordan

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The National Coalition Of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces (SNC) has designated Muhammed Marrouh as its representative to Jordan, following the expulsion of the Syrian regime's ambassador in Amman earlier on Monday.

The appointment came after Jordan's foreign ministry declared the Syrian Ambassador, Bahjat Suleiman "persona non grata," giving him 24 hours to leave the country because of his "repeated offensive remarks" against the kingdom. Syria retaliated immediately by expelling Jordan's chargé d'affaires in Damascus.

Ahmad Jakal, member of the Syrian opposition’s political committee, told Anadolu Agency that they chose young businessman Marrouh to represent the coalition in Jordan.

Jordanian officials had agreed last week that the Syrian opposition should have a representative in the country.

Jakal described Marrouh as an activist participating in the "revolutionary movements" and as one of organizers of the anti-regime protests which preceded Syria's running civil war in 2011.

He also pointed out that he is well known for helping Syrian refugees in Jordan.

Jakal added the Syrian National Coalition plans to appoint representatives to other countries like Croatia and Norway.

Jordan, a major destination for Syrian refugees fleeing three-year-old civil war, had tolerated the presence of the Syrian ambassador, despite King Abdullah's earlier call on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down.

Around 1.3 million Syrians are currently in Jordan, 600,000 of them registered refugees, according to official data from the United Nations.

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