Syrian opposition saves Armenian hurt in clashes

A Syrian of Armenian origin undergoes surgery after being brought to hospital by opposition group.

Syrian opposition saves Armenian hurt in clashes

World Bulletin / News Desk

A Syrian of Armenian origin was saved by Syrian opposition groups after being wounded during intense fighting outside the northwestern coastal city of Latakia.

The 62-year-old Armenian Syrian, Moussa Kordmisian, was struck by a piece of shrapnel in Latakia's Armenian-populated town of Kasab, where heavy fighting between the Syrian army and opposition forces took place two weeks ago.

"I was wounded in the second day of the clashes," said Kordmisian, who spent more than a week in the hospital recovering. "Opposition fighters made me have the surgery and saved my life".

Almost a fortnight ago, the opposition group seized the town after a series of battles against the Syrian regime. The region is a strategic place as it abuts the only border gate to Turkey controlled by the Syrian regime and is a gateway for opposition forces to reach the Mediterranean coast.

Kordmisian told Anadolu Agency that he had not seen opposition fighters murdering any Armenian in the town.

An Armenian-American group alleged earlier that Turkey aided opposition groups in capturing the town, a claim that has been denied by Turkish officials. 

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