Syrian regime forces hit historic mosque in Aleppo

Syrian regime forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad have destroyed the eastern wall of Aleppo's historic Umayyad mosque.

Syrian regime forces hit historic mosque in Aleppo

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One of the most tragic things about the 32-month old Syrian civil war, after the countless numbers of deaths and injuries in addition to the hundreds of thousands of people who have been forced to flee their homes, is the destruction of historical sites.

Recently, the eastern wall of the historic Umayyad mosque in the city of Aleppo was destroyed by regime forces, who fired on it with heavy weaponry.

According to a statement by the Syrian Revolution General Council, regime forces fired on the historical markets surrounding the mosque with tanks, mortars and rockets. In the process, the eastern wall of the mosque was destroyed and the surrounding markets were seriously damaged.

Brigades loyal to the Free Syrian Army based in the Sebi Baharat district of Aleppo were successful in repelling regime advances by firing back with light arms. However, during the battle in which tear gas was used against armed rebel groups in the market, the FSA succeeded in cutting off the regime’s supply route to Aleppo.

A video showing the commander of the opposition Tawhid Brigade, Salih Abdulqadir Salih, being injured after being shot in the head has gone viral on the internet.

Armed rebel groups also attacked the 17th Division of the regime army, taking most of the Rakka district, destroying a weapons depot and taking many soldiers captive in the process.

The Umayyad mosque has been targeted by regime forces before, and has become one of many historical sites destroyed in this bloody war.

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