Syrian regime operations kill 79 people

Bashar al-Assad's Syrian regime has staged deadly air-land operations against opponents in various provinces of Syria.

Syrian regime operations kill 79 people

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Army troops of Syrian regime staged air-land operations against Syrian opponents in various provinces, killing 79 people, eight of whom were children.

Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) made a statement saying 44 people were killed in suburbs of Damascus, nine in Raqqah, eight in Aleppo, six in Dera, three each in Hama, Idlib and Homs, two in Deiruz Zor and one in Quneitra during the deadly operations.

On the other hand, a scout missile fired in a settlement unit in Raqqah killed 35 people and wounded 100 others, Syrian Revolution General Commission's press secretary Ali Khatib told AA.

He also said tens of houses were heavily destroyed and people endeavored to reach dead and injured ones who were trapped under the wreckages.

Meanwhile, an Al-Qaeda affiliated Islamic State in Iraq and Damascus was reported to have killed a commander and eight members of opponent Ghuraba al-Sham.

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