Syrian Turkmen leader says Kasab Armenians treated well

Turkmen Assembly member Zohta refutes claims that opposition fighters looted churches in the town of Kasab, which hosts an Armenian community.

Syrian Turkmen leader says Kasab Armenians treated well

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Syrian opposition fighters have been sensitive in their treatment of the Armenian community in the town of Kasab since they captured it two weeks ago, a member of the Syrian Turkmen Assembly has said.

Kasab, whose more than 2,000 inhabitants are mostly of Armenian origin, is located in the northwestern province of Latakia, Syria's main port city.

Izzet Zohta of the Assembly, which was formed in 2012 to organize Turkmens in Syria, told AA on Saturday that some international media outlets were publishing "false" claims that opposition fighters had plundered churches in the town.

"Opposition fighters did not even touch the carpets in the churches," Zohta said. "These claims are entirely baseless. Those who defend them can come and see everything with their own eyes."

A commander from the leading armed opposition group Free Syrian Army, Anas Abu Malik told AA on Thursday of a media campaign by the Syrian regime, which seeks to pressure the opposition by claiming the residents were attacked after the town was captured by the opposition army in late March.

Zohta said that Turkmens had been neighbors with Armenians and Alawites for a long time in Syria.

"We have no problem with Armenians or Alawites. Several countries, including Russia, Iran and a few European states claim that there is a massacre in Kasab. Let them come and see if a single Armenian was ever killed. It's a shame, this is all nonsense," he said.

Zohta added that Syrian regime forces were dropping bombs on Kasab, and they would be responsible for any damage dealt to churches or any other buildings in the town.

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