Syrians fight against cold

17 thousand Syrians struggle to live under harsh conditions in tents across Turkey's southern province of Hatay.

Syrians fight against cold

World Bulletin / News Desk

The living conditions of Syrians, who have fled their country and struggle to continue their lives in the tents at the Turkish border, have worsened due to cold weather.

There is a different tragedy in each tent where 17 thousand Syrians live across Turkey's Reyhanli town of Hatay.
Women and children are especially affected by the difficult living conditions in over 1,200 tents.

Mothers try to heal their sick children with the medication sent from Turkey, cook with limited food and clean the mud around the tents.

One of the residents, Ahmet El Ali, stated that they had to flee their hometown because it was bombed by Assad forces five months ago and said, "We have nothing here. The tents are too cold, there is shortage of food and water.

Our children are ill because of the cold. We have to live in the same tent with several families. 25 people live in the same tent. We are waiting here to go to Turkey. We would like to thank the Turkish prime minister and Turkish people for their support and not leaving us alone. We hope the world will support us, too."



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