Syria's interim premier rejects talks with Syrian regime

In his inaugural speech, Ghassan Hitto urged Syrian military officers to lay down arms and withdraw support for Assad.

Syria's interim premier rejects talks with Syrian regime

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Syria's newly elected interim prime minister, Ghassan Hitto, dismissed dialogue with the Assad regime in break from what the leader of Syria's main opposition had suggested earlier.

"We won't forgive those who have Syrians' blood in their hands. The transitional government will not have dialogue with the Syrian regime. We won't forgive anyone who is tyrannizing his people. Eventually, they will be brought to justice," said Hitto in his inaugural speech.

The main umbrella organization of the Syrian opposition elected Hitto -- a 50 year-old IT executive -- as the head of the new interim government which will serve in parts of the country under rebels' control.

Thanking the countries who gave political and financial support to the Syrian opposition, the interim premier warned powers who sided with the Syrian regime: "Don't stand on
the wrong side."

Hito said his government would establish a new committee for monitoring the situation of displaced Syrians to help them return to their homes.

Underlining that the transitional government will prioritize providing financial support to the Free Syrian Army, Hito pledged to work to resume government services and to
secure access to international humanitarian aid inside Syria.

Hitto asked for the recognition of the Syrian revolution as a people's revolution and demanded from the international community representation for the transitional government in the Arab League, the UN and in other regional and international organizations.


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