Top Yemeni activist calls of Al-Qaeda propagandist to repent

Dr. Ulfat al-Duba’ai from the Al-Islah Party told Sheikh Abdualmajeed al-Zendani to repent and tell his followers to surrender.

Top Yemeni activist calls of Al-Qaeda propagandist to repent

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A leading political activist in Yemen has urged a top promoter of Al-Qaeda ideology, Sheikh Abdualmajeed al-Zendani, to call on his followers to surrender to the authorities and repent for his mistakes.

Dr. Ulfat al-Duba’ai from the Al-Islah Party wrote a message on the social media website Facebook addressed to al-Zendani saying: “Your extreme religious interpretations have played a major role in the emergence of extremism and terrorism in Yemen, in addition to other factors helped by the former and current regime. Now you have to correct your mistakes and call on al-Qaeda groups to set down their weapons and submit it to the authority of the state.”

“You loudly proclaim fatwas and call on millions to follow them, and they are not the fatwas of the National Dialogue Conference’s outputs, but rather your own that call it a violation of the law, while asking people to go on jihad,” she said.

Calling on the scholar to stop attacks on Yemeni political and military leaders, she asked, “Do you know and realize the true need for Yemeni jihad?” before calling on him to repent.

Yemen in general has been dogged by turmoil since revolutionary protests in 2011 forced autocratic president Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down after 33 years in power.

In the three years since, Yemeni authorities have struggled to restore law and order to the restive southern Arabian country.

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Hamza Ali
Hamza Ali - 6 yıl Before

My deepest admiration to Dr. Ulfat. an honest intellect who cares for the country and it's people. Zendani and his cronies are part of the problem in Yemen, as well as the Tribal leaders, the Secessionist movement and the Corrupt politicians. People are starving and they keep talking.