Tunisia assembly approves new constitutional chapter

Tunisians have agreed on a chapter regarding how the new government will be formed.

Tunisia assembly approves new constitutional chapter

World Bulletin / News Desk

The Tunisian constituent assembly on Monday approved the executive chapter of its new draft constitution, which deals with the responsibilities, formation and work of the government.

The chapter determines how governments will be formed; how the government will maintain parliamentary confidence; the prime minister's mandate; and how a vacant prime minister's seat will be filled.

Article 88 of the new chapter stipulates that the prime minister select members of his government in consultation with the president, especially in regards to the ministries of foreign affairs and defense.

According to the same article, the government will be formed by the political party or coalition of parties with the largest number of seats in parliament.

Article 89 of the new chapter bars members of the government from becoming MPs or having other jobs.

Article 96 of the new chapter gives MPs the right to impeach the government, but only if a request to this effect is approved by one third of the members of parliament. The request must contain sufficient reason for demanding the government's dismissal.

Article 97 stipulates that the resignation of the prime minister, which must be submitted to the president in written form, is to be considered a resignation by the entire government.

Members of Tunisia's constitution-writing committee are now expected to begin discussing the chapter devoted to judicial authority, which is expected to contain numerous controversial articles.

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