Tunisia will support political solution in Syria: President

President Marzouki said that they would support a political solution, and the unity of the Syrian opposition.

Tunisia will support political solution in Syria: President

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President of Tunisia Moncef Marzouki said that they would support a political solution in Syria. 

Marzouki appeared at a joint press conference with President Abdullah Gul and stressed, "We will support political solution in Syria, and the unity of Syrian opposition; moreover, we wish Geneva-2 conference brings a solution." 

Marzouki also emphasized that they have always supported Syrians and added, "We always wanted them to get rid of a dictator. We also wanted the Syrian revolution to be a civil and democratic revolution, but I am regrettably saying that the Syrian issue turned to another thing."

Marzouki pointed out that Turkey was playing an important role to limit the bloodshed in Syria. 

"We consider that we will not be able to obtain a result with war; for this reason, we want a civil government to be established in Syria, with which Syrians live together in peace," said Marzouki 

"Tunisian youth go to Syria to fight"

Marzouki said that the Syrian issue returned to an internal matter for Tunisia, and stated, "Some of our misled youth go to Syria to fight. They are trained there. Our youth are getting involved in a war, of which we disapprove." 

Marzouki pointed out that the misled youth could be a problem when they come back to Tunisia. 

Mazouki also said that he has mentioned the issue of misled Tunisian youth to President Gul. 

"Gul said that Turkey would give some thought to this issue, and would help Tunisia," said  Marzouki. 

"We want to take advantage of Turkey's experience"

Mazouki underlined that they want to take advantage of Turkey's experience to achieve their targets.

"We believe that our Turkish brothers will not deny sharing their experience and specialization, also making investment on Tunisia, and giving political back up to us," said Mazouki. 

Marzouki also reminded that they would welcome Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to further strengthen the relations among Tunisia and Turkey. 

President Marzouki visited Ataturk's mausoleum, Anitkabir, before meeting with President Gul.

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