Tunisian president thanks Turkey for support

Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki attended a luncheon at the Turkish Parliament in Ankara.

Tunisian president thanks Turkey for support

Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki on Wednesday attended the luncheon hosted in his honor by acting Speaker of the Turkish Parliament Sadik Yakut.

Expressing pleasure at his presence at the symbol of the Turkish people's sovereignty, Marzouki said, "We have established the constituent assembly nine months ago in Tunisia. At the moment, we are continuing on drafting the constitution. We are planning to hold the elections towards the end of the year. We will take a step forward in establishing a democratic state with this election."

Marzouki also expressed his gratitude for Turkey's support to Tunisia and stated they had a lot to learn from Turkey's development in recent years.

Yakut touched on the common opportunities between the two states and emphasized the acceleration of Tunisia following the revolution.

Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki presented the greetings and gratitude of the Tunisian people to Turkey from the platform of Turkey's Parliament and said Tunisians were thankful for Turkey's ongoing assistance to Tunisia on Wednesday.

During an official visit in Turkey,  Merzuki addressed the Turkish MPs.

Marzouki said "I present the greetings and gratitude of Tunisian people to Turkey from this supreme platform. We are thankful for your ongoing assistance."

Reminding that Habib Bourgubia, the founder of modern Tunisia, patterned himself after Turkish leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Marzouki said, "Turkey achieved to be a role model country which is taken as an example by not only the supporters of secularism but also by moderate Islamic groups. It can be achieved only by the richly experienced countries."

Marzouki stated that Turkey had a strong influence on the Arab world as well as vice versa and he added "We still see the Turkish influence on our tradition in Tunisia. We have felt this influence in our national unity, names, architecture for centuries."

"We are not in search of revenge. We cleared the history in the transition process. We want to end this process with minimum problems. Once again I want to convey my thanks for the support of Turkey in this critical period" Marzouki said.

Marzouki ended his words by saying "Long live Turkey, long live Tunisia, long live the fellowship of Turkey and Tunisia!"


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