Turkey conducts diplomatic traffic on Syria

As the developments in Syria gain momentum, Turkey has become the main arterial road of international diplomacy.

Turkey conducts diplomatic traffic on Syria

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As the developments in Syria gain momentum, Turkey has become the main arterial road of the international diplomacy, according to diplomatic sources.

International actors adjust steps regarding the process in Syria by counseling with Turkey. Turkey has become the center of international diplomacy as the fieldwork and diplomatic works have gained speed.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has talked to US Secretary of State John Kerry three times on the phone to compare notes with respect to the latest developments.

Davutoglu also discussed the regional developments with Egyptian Foreign Minister Muhammed Kamil Amr, Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Prince Suud el-Faysal and Arab League Secretary General Nebil el-Arabi on the phone.

Davutoglu will pay a short visit to his counterpart in Jordan upon an invitation from the Jordanian Foreign Ministry on Friday.

International actors feel the need for Turkey's advice

Davutoglu's talks with Kerry three times a week before Kerry's visit to Russia means that they wanted to have an exchange of opinions and cooperate as well as evaluate the meetings and determining the steps to be taken in collaboration, according to diplomatic sources.

Turkey and Jordan as the two neighbours of Syria have been seriously affected by the crisis in Syria. The two countries feel the necessity to discuss the issues face to face rather than by telephone diplomacy, said diplomatic sources.

Davutoglu will leave for Germany after his visit to Jordan.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's visit to the US next week plays a significant role within the framework of Syrian issue. Concrete steps are expected to be taken, according to diplomatic sources. 

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