Turkey, Morocco sign political declaration

Referring to the Turkish entrepreneurs in Morocco, Erdogan said, "It is vitally important that Turkish companies invest in third countries by taking mutual steps in both export and import with Morocco."

Turkey, Morocco sign political declaration

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Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan signed on Monday a political declaration on establishing High-Level Strategic Cooperation with Morocco.

Erdogan attended the meetings between Turkish and Moroccan delegation following his private meeting with his Moroccan counterpart Abdelillah Benkirane.

Reminding that the number of Moroccan students who studied at Turkish universities on scholarship was 26 last year, Erdogan said the number would reach 40 this year. 

Referring to the Turkish entrepreneurs in Morocco, Erdogan said, "It is vitally important that Turkish companies invest in third countries by taking mutual steps in both export and import with Morocco."

Support Democratization

Erdogan supported the Moroccan administration's policies in the democratization process in North Africa and the Middle East. 

"Sustainable stability is possible by restoring peace and happiness of people as well as the prosperity and by meeting the legitimate demands of people. Steps Morocco has taken to fulfill reforms would be beneficial not only for the country but also for the whole region," added Erdogan who held a joint press conference with Moroccan Prime Minister Abdelillah Benkirane in Rabat on Monday. 

A new period has started between Turkey and Morocco, said Erdogan, adding that both Turkey and Morocco were successfully pursuing development and the democratization process. 
Noting that Turkish-Moroccan relations developed significantly in the past ten years, Erdogan said that the two countries signed a joint political declaration on establishment of High-level Strategic Partnership which would increase the relations to the level of strategic partnership. 
Erdogan said that mutual foreign trade rapidly increased to 1.5 billion USD in the end of 2012 thanks to free trade agreement which took effect in 2006. 
Erdogan said that transportation ministries of the two countries today signed a cooperation agreement and initiated a new period which would contribute to commercial and economic relations too. 
Turkish government will continue to incentivize companies to contribute in infrastructure projects in Morocco, said Erdogan. 
Erdogan also said that lifting visa procedures mutually and starting Istanbul-Casablanca flights speeded up the mutual visits between Turkey and Morocco.

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