Turkey replacing Syria hospitals

The Syrian Medical Centre, also known as Dar al-Istshfaa, has treated more than 10,000 Syrian refugees since opening in Turkey’s border city of Reyhanli in July 2012.

Turkey replacing Syria hospitals

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The Syrian Medical Centre, also known as Dar al-Istshfaa, was opened in July 2012 by a Paris-based coalition of 14 independent medical and relief organizations known as the Union of Syrian Medical Relief Organizations (UOSSM). It has been providing medical care for Syrian refugees in Turkey’s border city of Reyhanli, in the country’s Hatay province.

This facility has provided a place for 10,000 injured and sick Syrian patients to seek medical care. The World Health Organization released a report claiming that 37% of hospitals have been destroyed and a further 20% have been damaged in Syria’s civil war. Furthermore, the Syrian-American Medical Society stated that 78% of ambulances have been damaged, with as much as half of Syrian physicians having fled the country.

The Lancet also published an open letter last month which was signed by more than 50 doctors and health professionals warning that Syria's healthcare system was at "breaking point".  In the letter, the doctors also stated that women in Syria were giving birth with no medical assistance. As well as that, it said that surgery was being conducted without using anesthetics and that serious wounds were going untreated.

According to a report published on the Al-Jazeera website, there are currently 65 long-term patients at the centre, while 100 people come in for daily check-ups. 10-15% of the patients are women and children.

Yasir Alsyed, the centre's manager, told Al-Jazeera, "We take anyone here. Most people staying here have big injuries - they are paralysed, have lost part of their body and have broken bones." He added, "After they have surgery, those requiring long-term care come here so we can bring them back to being as close to normal as possible. They stay until they can look after themselves again."

The two and a half year civil war in Syria has claimed more than 115,000 lives since it started, with over 2 million Syrians fleeing from the conflict. Last week, Turkey announced that the number of Syrian refugees within its borders had swelled to 600,000.

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