Turkey's solution process paves the way for PYD in Syria- report

PYD co-chairman Salih Muslim expressed that the solution process between Turkey and the PKK will pave the way for the PYD and Europe’s attitude toward them.

Turkey's solution process paves the way for PYD in Syria- report

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Co-chairman of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), a pro-PKK organisation of Syrian Kurds, Salih Muslim has expressed his belief that policies and outlooks toward the PYD Kurdish organization in Syria will also change due to the negotiations between the PKK and Turkish government.

A BBC report in which Muslim was interviewed indicated that Turkey faces a dilemma regarding Syria in that, while it supports the rebels fighting against the Assad regime, the PYD started to set up an autonomous region in the north of Syria.

This strengthened the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in the region, causing concern for the Turkish government.

Muslim stated that attitudes toward the PYD will change within Europe and Syria alongwith the Turkey-PKK negotiations. He said, “After this, regardless of how the process unfolds, we will continue to exist. We have the strength to defend ourselves.

While he did not confirm whether the PYD would accept jailed PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan to speak with Turkish officials on their behalf, Muslim said, “Ocalan is not only a PKK leader, but the leader of Kurds.” He indicated that although Ocalan is distanced from the PYD due to his incarceration, he can make recommendations which would be considered.

The Syrian Issue

On the issue of whether the PKK members withdrawing from Turkey will join the PYD, Muslim expressed that there was no need for this yet as the PYD has enough able fighters.

While it is among their strategies to prevent the war from spreading to the areas under their control, the PYD is not pursuing this task by disregarding Turkey’s approach to the Syrian conflict.

When asked if the PYD planned to increase its attacks on the Assad regime alongside the Free Syrain Army (FSA), Muslim responded that they had made agreements in some regions with groups affiliated with the FSA, but as of yet no general alliance existed between them. He noted that they did not, and could not, have any cooperation with Salafi groups.

Turkey’s Solution Process affects all Kurds

Muslim expressed high expectations regarding Turkey’s solution process, saying that it was an important process for all Kurds not just the ones in Turkey.

He believes that “if Ankara solves its problem, the negative effect on Kurds in other countires will also be alleviated.”

Muslim said “maybe afterwards we can have better relations with the opposition in Syria.” He expressed that although no direct dialogue has been established with Turkey, the PYD is ready for meetings free of conditions.

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