Turkish jets resume bombing ISIL in Syria after 23 days

The fresh operation provided opposition fighters a suitable ground to fight the terrorists as they captured about 10 villages closing the ISIL line between the FSA and YPG-held Manbij

Turkish jets resume bombing ISIL in Syria after 23 days

World Bulletin / News Desk

Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) aircraft resumed airstrikes on the ISIL extremist organization on Saturday, 23 days after it halted air operations in northern Syria.

The new wave of airstrikes will allow the opposition Free Syrian Army (FSA) to liberate a large area from the extremist group, opening their way to al-Bab, a ISIL stronghold in the region.

FSA fighters backed by the Turkish military launched Operation Euphrates Shield on in northern Syria on Aug. 24 to free the zone form ISIL and Democratic Union Party (PYD) and the armed People's Protection Units (YPG) extremists.

Euphrates Shield is the most successful operation against the extremist group ever, as the Turkish military-supported opposition fighters have captured an area of approximately of 1,600 square kilometers from ISIL within two months.

However, following an airstrike on the YPG-held area in Afrin that killed 200 Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK)-affiliated PYD extremists, Turkish F-16 fighter jets stopped flying over Syria on Oct. 19.

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