Turkish military 'neutralizes' 34 ISIL extremists

Turkish jets destroy 17 ISIL buildings as part of Operation Euphrates Shield

Turkish military 'neutralizes' 34 ISIL extremists

World Bulletin / News Desk

A total of 34 ISIL extremists were “neutralized” in the Syria's north during the ongoing Turkish-led Operation Euphrates Shield, according to the Turkish military.

The Turkish Armed Forces said on Sunday that Turkish jets destroyed 17 ISIL buildings used as weapon emplacement and shelter in al-Bab, Suflaniyah, Bzagah and Shamaviyah.

34 ISIL extremists were neutralized in ground clashes while three opposition fighters were wounded, the military said.

The operation focused on capturing al-Bab district of Syria, with intensified land and air attacks, the statement said.

The statement added that on Sunday, a total of 166 ISIL positions had been targeted and besieged.

Turkish authorities often use the word "neutralized" in their statements to imply that the extremist in question was either killed or captured.

Turkish explosive ordnance disposal teams have neutralized 2,579 handmade explosives and 43 mines in areas cleared of ISIL since the beginning of Operation Euphrates Shield.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 01 Ocak 2017, 11:53