UN calls for halting clashes in Libyan capital

1 civilian killed in clashes between rival militias in Tripoli.

UN calls for halting clashes in Libyan capital

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) on Saturday called for halting hostilities in Tripoli amid clashes between rival militias in the Libyan capital.

At least one civilian was killed and another injured in the clashes that rocked several neighborhoods in the capital.

In a statement, UNSMIL said it "is deeply concerned about ongoing armed clashes, including indiscriminate medium and heavy shelling in civilian-populated neighborhoods in Tripoli."

UNSMIL called "for an immediate cessation of hostilities" and reminded "all parties of their obligations under international human rights and humanitarian law to protect civilians and civilian objects."

The violence came amid military build-ups by forces affiliated with the Tripoli-based Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh and troops loyal to Fathi Bashagha, who was appointed by the Tobruk-based Parliament as prime minister in March, as both figures claim power and authority in the capital.

Oil-rich Libya has remained in turmoil since 2011 when longtime ruler Muammar Gaddafi was ousted after four decades in power.