UN debates 'hunger as a weapon' in Syria

Syrian journalist Qusai Zakariya said that Bashar al-Assad's regime is telling Syrian people to 'kneel or die starving'.

UN debates 'hunger as a weapon' in Syria

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A United Nations panel has held a discussion on the use of hunger as a weapon in Syria.

Organized by Denmark, delegates from UN member states heard about conditions in Syria under the discussion as "Life under siege: Hunger as a weapon" at the UN headquarters in New York on Thursday.

Syrian journalist Qusai Zakariya, a panel member, told how he witnessed tragedy near a town in Damascus, Mudamiyah.

"During the regime's blockade in the town, no food or medicine were allowed. Protests did not calm down, so the regime laid siege to the town," he said.

Zakariya also said a man named Mohammad tried to get medicine for his seven-year-old daughter, but he was caught and tortured to death.

"The message of Assad's regime to the Syrian people is 'kneel or die starving'," he added.

Zakariya called on the International Criminal Court to put Assad on trial.

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