US supplies construction vehicles to YPG/PKK in Manbij

US forces provide new construction equipment to YPG/PKK terror group in Syria’s Manbij

US supplies construction vehicles to YPG/PKK in Manbij

The U.S. forces in Syria’s Manbij provided the YPG/PKK terror group with new construction equipment, allowing the terrorists to continue digging up trenches and build embankments around the city center.

As the U.S. troops continue its military and logistic transportation from northern Iraq to northwestern Syria, despite a deal between Ankara and Washington on withdrawal of the terror group from the city, local sources told Anadolu Agency that the U.S. also sent aid to YPG/PKK in the region.

Trucks, carrying four construction vehicles, were transported to Manbij. The U.S. soldiers escorted the transferring of construction vehicles, which included 3 bulldozers and one excavator.

The YPG/PKK uses bulldozers and excavators to dig up trenches and embankments in the area.