Voter turnout of Lebanon diaspora reaches 60%

Lebanese living in 58 countries voted in parliamentary elections.

Voter turnout of Lebanon diaspora reaches 60%

The turnout of Lebanese diaspora ahead of Lebanon’s parliamentary elections reached 60%, according to the country’s foreign ministry on Monday.

Ministry official Hadi Hashem said between 128,000 and 130,000 expatriates in 58 countries cast their votes out of 225,000 eligible Lebanese voters worldwide.

“The turnout of expatriates reached around 60%, which is a very good percentage,” he told a press conference in the capital Beirut.

On Sunday, thousands of Lebanese living in 48 countries voted in the country’s parliamentary elections. A similar vote was held last week in 10 countries.

It was the second time in Lebanon's history to allow Lebanese abroad to cast their votes. The first was in 2018.

Lebanon’s parliamentary elections are scheduled to be held on May 15. A total of 103 lists made up of 718 candidates are competing in the polls to win a seat in the 128-member parliament.

The Lebanese elections are taking place as Lebanon has been grappling with a severe economic crisis since late 2019, including a massive currency depreciation as well as fuel and medical shortages.