We need to take Turkey as a model: Bahraini lawmaker

Bahraini lawmaker Al Meer said they thank Turkey for its support of Bahrain.

We need to take Turkey as a model: Bahraini lawmaker

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Bahraini lawmaker and Deputy Chair of Al-Meer Group, Abdul Hamid Jalal Al-Meer, said on Wednesday, "we need to take Turkey as a model country" regarding Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Middle East policies.

Al-Meer stated that they thanked Turkey for its support to Bahrain regarding the Middle Eastern policies and said, "I'm the lawmaker in the parliament who gives examples the most about Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's success in Turkey's development and the struggle against corrupt practices. One of my friends said to me that I gave place to Turkey and Erdogan 14 times in my speeches since 2010. I said that I was proud of it. I say that we need to take Turkey as a model country." He added that both the Bahraini people and the parliament followed the rapid development of the Turkish economy closely.

Al-Meer said that the relations between Turkey and Bahrain had got better in last twenty years, which were already good for 100 years. He stated that his grandparents bade farewell to his parents while they were going to Turkey. Al-Meer said that his grandparents had cried and said, 'You are going to the hometown of Turks, who served this area for many years.' In recent days, I see all the airplanes in the Gulf flying full to Turkey. There are sites where Bahrainis live in Sapanca province of Turkey. We are cooperating with Turkey and get most of our products in our supermarkets from Turkey. In addition to tax exemption, cost of electricity and gas in Bahrain is cheaper when compared to Europe and even to Turkey."

Al Meer, commenting also on the conflicts between the administration and opposition groups in Bahrain, said that Shiah and Sunni have been living together in peace for many years. He said that the incidents had begun after the Iranian revolution as a result of provocations, adding that everything in his country went well and that media exaggerated it. 

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