Yarmouk aid halted after camp comes under gunfire

20 civilians were injured when Syrian regime affiliates opened fire on the besieged refugees as aid was being handed out.

Yarmouk aid halted after camp comes under gunfire

World Bulletin / News Desk

Despite food aid finally being allowed into the besieged Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria fort he first time in months yesterday, it has been reported that while aid was being distributed, the camp came under heavy gunfire, leaving 20 civilians injured.

An activist by the name of Rami al-Sayid, who was there when UNRWA employees were handing aid out to the people yesterday, said that unknown gunmen opened fire on the camp from its entrance before fleeing.

Al-Sayid claimed that there were regime affiliated groups outside the camp who were besieging the camp and did not want aid being delivered because they were selling goods to the refugees at high prices.

UN general secretary spokesman Farhan Haq said that the UNRWA distributed 26 packets of food aid to the people of Yarmouk yesterday, but it was not going to be enough for the camp’s 18,000 people, most of whom are women and children.

He added that it was vital that the delivery of aid continued, as each packet was only enough for one family to survive on for 10 days.

In recent months, up to 82 people have died of starvation in the Yarmouk camp, as its besieged citizens are forced to resort to eating street cats and wild plants to survive.

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