A neo-orientalist bribe for France

The perception of ISIL, which was established through the Neo-Orientalistic discourse, is turning into a media bribe for France, which is leading the old colonialists of Europe.

A neo-orientalist bribe for France

Akif Emre

Finally, the kids of those who brought freedom, fraternity, and egalitarianism to the world took action against the Islamic forces that were on the edge of choking the Middle East into darkness and wildness!
That means our region might feel safe against the danger of rolling into the medieval darkness.

In fact, the news language that is used with the excuse of ISIL has so much infiltrated the people’s subconscious to the extent that we are already convinced that the buds of French revolution are more remedial than the American bombs. After all, the kids of the enlightenment seem to have undertaken a mission in the name of humanity as a founding nation that introduces the whole world to civilization.

In the last period, given the civil riots ranging from Africa to the Middle East, the eagerness of France to take an active role in the internal wars did not get much attention. For those who take the United States for granted for being mainly responsible for all evil, the role stealing by France in the new imperial project might be a negligible factor.

Especially if we look into the Libyan crisis, it might be said that the US gave a space to France who stood out with its military operation. Thereby the reaction to an American intervention was impeded and thus the US put France forward in order to consolidate the alliance. Hence, the US could lower the cost of the operation and avoid the possible reactions against the American imperialism.  Moved with the passion and claim for the European leadership, France withdrew from the military wing of NATO and almost kept a distance from the US, which is a noteworthy position. France also led the NATO forces during the Libya attack; in other words, its role stealing for the sake of internal system balances shows what a strategic move it was.
This passionate attitude of the French government was not limited to the Libyan operation. They moved down inside Africa, to Mali and engaged in a military operation. Now they are moving forward even beyond England and participating to the American lines in the coalition, which was established on account of ISIL.

Of course, each of these has their actual political and strategic consequences. For example, the recent statement of the French Minister of Economics is quite notable. The French Minister of Economy, Emmanel Macron, said that France was sick and it was the massive unemployment which appeared like an extreme fever.  Apparently, the “sick man” France needs oil in order to lower its high fever.

The opportunism of the French is not a new thing.  Goethe condemns the French as a bribe-taking society. Goethe says that the French revolution was even implemented with bribe.  Even though this remark can be explained within the context of the competition or jealousy between the German and French, we still can’t help thinking of its possible truth. In light of the historical experience, if we look at what the bribery of the states and imperial forces might be, we may concur that the romantic German poet’s remark might bear much more sense. 

The idea of the French gathering all the Europe around itself traces back to the times when its power was at the peak and in which it played the role for the European leadership by invading Egypt in order to revive the concept of the Holy Roman Empire.  The interesting part of it is that the person who gave the idea of such “conquest bribe” to the French is the German philosopher Leibniz. It would be the fate of Napoleon who was going to realize the idea of invading Egypt.

It was the German poet, Goethe, who was accusing the French of bribery and it was again the German philosopher, Leibniz, who gave the idea of invading Egypt to the French as a Roman Empire bribe.

The times when exploitation and blood paid the price for colonization with civilization coverage, which was re-interpreted as dirty imperial relationships, have passed. 

Orientalism set up this discourse very well and even so, it turned it into a worldview. It’s almost an irony of history that Neo-orientalism is using the same language and methods while staging in. Moreover, there is a chance that the new orientalistic language can be covered with a layer of Turkish orientalism, which then could be re-marketed through the media.

In the first place, the perception of ISIL, which was established through the Neo-Orientalistic discourse, is turning into a media bribe for France, which is leading the old colonialists of Europe. There is no Napoleon who was fit to accept the Egypt bribe in order to establish Holy Rome, but there is a return to the strategy which resembles the blood and oil equation in order to make the “dried river” flow. It’s quite certain that it will be the Middle East Muslims who will pay for this quite unromantic adventure. And, it is also certain that it is our responsibility to expose the mindlessness and imprudence, which feed this neo-orientalistic bribe and the insights, which abuse religion in the name of religion.

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