Egypt: From Mubarak's frying pan into Sisi's fire

Sisi's coup was so bloody that even the sheep that was manipulated into gathering in Tahrir Square was shocked. But it was too late. Morsi being a democratic leader could not use repression and violence against the masses.

Egypt: From Mubarak's frying pan into Sisi's fire

Mohammad Pervez Bilgrami - India

When Hosni Mubarak resigned following a popular uprising in 2011, the Egyptian dictator was already 82 years of age and had ruled the most populous Arab nation for three decades. Egypt is a hugely important Arab nation, its society vibrant and youth talented.

As a traditionally active regional player that has a peace treaty with the aggressive Zionist state of Israel, Egypt is significant for many other countries, which are not necessarily friends of Egyptian people. Western arms merchants and warlords cultivate links with its military leader and supply them with weapons and cash, while wealthy Gulf states use their petrodollars to support Cairo's corrupt and brutal system to serve their survival interests.

It is in this backdrop that we must try to understand the thuggish Field Marshal regime of Abdel Fattah El Sisi, who has shown to be far more savage in his repression than many Arab dictators born decades before him. He will always be known as the murderer of Egyptian democracy for overthrowing the country's first democratically-elected President Mohammed Morsi.

Many audio leaks of the military junta meetings after the toppling of Morsi display the crooked minds of Egypt's sadist ruling class and their Western and Arab criminal allies. Like many Arab countries ruled by autocratic regimes, Egypt has a well-developed system of repression and corruption in which pro-West secularists suffering from low self-esteem, fake liberals, Nasserites and exploitative businessmen are made stakeholders. These bigoted self-serving groups have no care for Egypt's welfare or its larger interests.

The fascist amalgamation of crony capitalists, brutal military officer-class and corrupt judiciary that rules Egypt has robbed the nation of its dignity and resources. This self-styled "Egyptian elite" has turned Egypt into a colony of foreign interests and the majority of Egyptian population is forced to live under apartheid-like conditions. The local thugs have been given the mandate to subjugate the entire nation, with constant supply of weapons from Western warlords and huge cash from Gulf patrons, who have absolutely no self-respect.

When Mubarak fell, these groups suffered a serious blow. Mubarak had served the international mafia well, and in the process enriched himself and his friends. People were fed up with his cruel rule and were not prepared at any cost to suffer his unworthy sons if a family succession rule was forced on them. The Egyptian dictatorship is not a family rule and there was no appetite for such a system. The global interests that control Egypt understand this very well. Thus, Mubarak was allowed to be toppled so that other choices could be explored.

Egypt's fascist elites

People demanded the fall of the regime. "Ash-shab yurid isqat an-nizam", millions chanted in Cairo and elsewhere in Egypt.

The Egyptian fascist elites, who look down on the rest of population and treat them like less humans, swallowed their defeat, but got busy plotting their return to power. In fact, during the interim military rule before Morsi’s election, the regime’s security structure was protected and everything was done to secure the regime loyalists’ interests. The fascist ruling elite not only economically exploits Egypt, but also tramples upon religious sentiments of Muslims. A powerful but depraved jahiliya group from the Gulf ruling class, which publicly professes to be Islamic, is an active partner in this crackdown. There is almost formal integration of mukhabarat architecture of repression between the Gulf and Cairo.

These apartheid operators live in their exclusive posh areas and hardly mix with the rest of population unless they need to employ them as servants, cooks and drivers. Some even run networks of sex trade and human trafficking for the benefit of their Western and Gulf masters.

Can anyone expect political, social and economic reforms from these immoral people? These entrenched elites have no interest in social justice and a fair society.Egyptian fascist elites know the Western mentality very well and this helps them in doing their deals. Most of them have been educated in the West and have been trained how to be blind to injustice and remain focused on self-interest.

This fascist elite told the West that the Muslim Brotherhood would persecute the Christian Copts and terminate the Camp David accord with Israel. Western warlords wanted to create scary scenarios as this helped in advancing their lies. 

It is important to know that Egyptian fascists had started their international malicious campaign against the Brotherhood months before Morsi got elected. Despite their ugly propaganda, Egyptian people still elected Morsi as their president. This shocked the fascists; they panicked that their entrenched interests would be threatened. Some of them started crying live on their private satellite channels and started the Plan-B, which involved more black propaganda.

This new propaganda campaign against Morsi after he won the presidential elections was much worse and more personal than before. An alliance of disparate interests was formed, facilitated by Western gangs, Gulf tyrants and corrupt media networks.

Still, their numbers were not sufficient to cause a political upheaval. They had to invent a crisis to mobilize the masses. Thus they manufactured the fuel crisis, energy shortages and a law and order breakdown with the help of security forces.

It took the conspirators around a year to tarnish Morsi's image and reputation. The president was left alone fighting Mubarak's old corrupt judges, who decided to dissolve the elected parliament. He also had the Mubarak-era media to confront. The malicious media campaign was at its peak and manufactured problems were magnified.

Hundreds of millions of petrodollars were released by the Saudi and UAE regimes to sabotage Egypt's democracy as they did not want any challenge to emerge to their despotic rule. Besides, Egyptian filthy-rich elites themselves invested in organizing Sisi’s coup. The United States and European Union can always be counted on to support any dictatorship that serves their resource loot and domination.

Mubarak's old secret services started a movement with naive young Egyptians. A ridiculous signature campaign was started, demanding early elections. Once they were sure of their plans, the fascists managed to recruit Morsi’s new minister of defense, Abdel Fattah Al Sisi to launch their assault. Sisi earlier served as Egypt’s military attaché in Saudi Arabia and he was known to the Riyadh regime's security structure. Now he became their military commander in Egypt.

Then came the orchestrated public show in Cairo to provide a cover for Sisi's coup. It was June 30, marking the anniversary of Morsi’s election. Morsi’s supporters saw the danger and knew what was at stake. They came out on the streets in huge numbers, but lacked what the president’s detractors had on their side. It was brutal violence unleashed by Sisi and his security thugs that ended democracy on July 3, 2013.

Sisi's coup was so bloody that even the sheep that was manipulated into gathering in Tahrir Square was shocked. But it was too late. Morsi being a democratic leader could not use repression and violence against the masses. He paid the price for not being astute enough in dealing harshly with the Mubarak regime’s structures that remained in place despite the old dictator's ousting in 2011.

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