Eye witness: Military cracks down on Egyptian protesters

Although Morsi's supporters are angry over Morsi's unfair trial, the protesters seemed very peaceful and no form of any verbal or physical violence was witnessed....

Eye witness: Military cracks down on Egyptian protesters

Yasmine Mahmoud / World Bulletin 

Protesters marched near Sidi Bishr on the corniche road on Friday - 1 November – right after'Guma' Prayer chanting against the military rule and carrying Rabia slogans and posters supporting Morsi. Muslim Brotherhood supporters are protesting all across the country this week to condemn the first elected President Mohamed Morsi's trial. The ousted President who was abducted by the military is claimed to face charges of treason and might face death penalty. According to the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters, Morsi is the legitimate President and the military violated the democratic elections to grip power from the ruling regime. The supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood claim that the military faked charges against Morsi to put the struggle of the protesters to an end. 

Although Morsi's supporters are angry over Morsi's unfair trial, the protesters seemed very peaceful  and no form of any verbal or physical violence was witnessed.A few minutes later, the protesters started running and I witnessed a troop of armed police and military forces and  a huge number of military tanks and vehicles coming after the protesters. Heavy gunfire rained down on the protesters and around the cars on the other side of the road, where the cars – including mine - were forced to stop. Life bullets were shot just a few inches away from my car windowsas a hail of bullets came down on the corniche from all sides.

As far as I could see, no one got shot in the cars because the cars were coming down from the opposite side of the road and were not part of the protests. It seemed that the snippers only wanted to terrify us because those snipers do not miss their target. Thus, after 10 minutes of gunfire that was clearly intended to intimidate the people in the car, an army officer signaled to the police officers let the cars go on their way. In the afternoon, there was news of mass arrests and injuries in Sidi Bishr

A day before – Thursday 31 November  - as I was driving my kids to school,I witnessed a protest by a group of school girls – 12-17 years old –who were chanting on the corniche road against the military carrying Rabia posters. On the way back home (20 minutes later), there was no trace of the girls. Later that night, I heard on the news that 22 school girls were arrested on the corniche for protesting against the military. 

Even during Egypt's biggest dictator Mubarak, there were more freedom of expression and human rights than today. Al-Sisi's regime has brought back injustice, tyranny, torture, fear, and inhumanity.  Freedom of oppression is banned and the practice of democracy became a lie again. The military kill civilians who express any resistance to the military rule under the name of democracy and the excuse of the people's mandate on the 26th of July. The crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood by Al-Sisi's regime brings back the memory of Gamal Abdul Nasser's days when Nasser tortured them and assassinated theirprominent leader Sayyed Qutb as well as many others.

Whereas Mubarak's trial was called the trial of the century, Morsi's trial will be a bigger event that might trigger turmoil and movements in all the region. The former President Hosni Mubarak, a tyrannt who has oppressed and tortured  his people for 30 years, has been freed, whereas the first democratically elected President - who served only one year as an elected President -  might be put to death for more serious charges. Before his removal, Morsi said that he will 'pay his life for the sake of legitimacy', and indeed he might pay pay his life for it

Morsi's trial dragged the world's attention because it proves the failure the transition to civilian rule and the violation of democratic principles in a post-revolution Egypt. The international reaction in the coming weeks will display the political influence of the global actors and international community andwill reveal the true allies of the military regime vs the Muslim Brotherhood. 


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