Jerusalem (Qudus) crisis appears to be part of a larger case

Jerusalem (Qudus) is a sacred city for three great monotheistic religions; however, for Muslims it has a much more distinctive importance. It is a highly significant city, in which Masjid al-Aqsa is located, which is mentioned in the Surah Al-Isra as the first place of the Miraj incident and our first qiblah. 

Jerusalem (Qudus) crisis appears to be part of a larger case

Erhan Erken - Turkey

Jerusalem (Qudus) is a town that has been under Muslim rule for centuries but around one hundred years ago the British took the control over the city and since then it has been a place we have never been able to dominate over.

Later on, by force of the zionists, Jerusalem was exposed to Jew immigration and today it is a region under the control of the State of Israel.

In the last century Jerusalem has experienced many sorrowful incidents causing Muslims to weep and mourn.

For years Israel has declared Jerusalem as the capital of its own state. As Muslims we are rejecting. Some of the western countries also express that they are not willing to accept this decision. The United Nations has been taking decisions declaring that Jerusalem will not become the capital of Israel.

Despite all these political events, in recent days, US President Trump has made a decision that the United States has accepted Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, as promised during the elections, and is trying to implement it.

Again, we object. It hurts us again. We issue statements, we create tags in social media, we organize meetings, we publish declarations as various organizations of Muslims.

All this makes it clear that if we were strong and able to use our power effectively, then we can keep Jerusalem's connection with us firmly. If not, political events will continue to upset us.

Hopefully we will succeed in this last crisis, and even if we cannot control it fully, we can still maintain our meaningful relationship with this holy city. Maybe one day we will be able to wander freely in the streets of Jerusalem as it was in those old times, to do our worship and to let other tribes believing that this city is sacred to do their worship freely.

The historical scene in the painting depicting Salahuddin Ayyubi, who defeated the Crusader forces in 1187 during the Battle of Hattin and established authority in Jerusalem and the painting showing the entrance of the British General Allanby to Jerusalem through Jaffa gate are two important illustrations. May Allah grant the days Muslims when they are the dominant power again in Jerusalem.


The Zarrab case is actually a smaller piece of a bigger pie

The Zarrab case in the US is another important event that has kept us busy lately. This case, which began with the question of Zarrab’s violation of US embargo by US ambassador, which the United States had practiced against Iran for some time, transformed into a case, in which the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been tried to be besieged and to fall into disrepute. As documented with the confessions of Zarrab, which are clearly lies, the whole process has been a fiction and it is going to be ended as it was initially predicted. But as noticed, there is a serious connection between the Zarrab case and Trump's and Israel's efforts to declare Jerusalem as the capital.

So-called separatist Kurdish groups are attempting to encircle the southern borders of Turkey and Turkey is trying not to be disconnected from the Middle East. It is necessary to establish the same link with this situation. Likewise, it is necessary to evaluate the existence of dozens of other military bases and other western powers, which was established to balance the Middle East especially the United States and Russia, under the same title.

It is necessary to put the newly emergent ISIS name, and its strategy implemented in this region during the last 5 years, the referendum activities in the Iraqi Kurdish Autonomous region, operations made by PKK/PYD/YPG forces both in and out the country, as a part of the puzzle.

In addition, the FETO structure, which emerges as a so-called service movement and then acts like an intelligence organization which is in a terrorist and hostile manner both at home and abroad, plays a very important role in this picture. FETO tried to overthrow the government, carried documents to evil forces outside and inside, created hostile perceptions, hurt people's feelings of trust and caused a considerable part of the human power raised in Turkey to go to waste.

Turkey has begun to recognize its historical identity again and has made moves to regain its global potential beyond a regional state. In parallel, all of these elements seem to be independent when looked at individually, but when we carefully examine them, our notion that they move in an organized manner is strengthened.

In addition, economic decisions, practices, elements supporting these establishments, oth internally and externally, knowingly or unknowingly, must be kept in sight to better understand the whole picture.


The struggle between truth and falsehood will never end

If you are struggling for domination of the right, and strive to always glorify the name of Allah on earth, you will always be against the collaborators of the devil. This struggle has continued in the time of Prophet Adam and will continue until the day of judgement. At the same time, this is also the examination of world life.

Only those who claim to be the defenders of the right dawah are really on the straight path. They shall not infiltrate earthly diseases that disrupt their access to the straight path. They shall not lose their sincerity. Those who say they are together and honest in claiming they are defenders of the right dawah shall not cooperate with the devil and those who use the right dawah for their own personal affairs.

Only then can the members of the right dawah gain access to Allah's help.

If they can not act like that, they do not have the right to complain and to whine unnecessarily.

May Allah make us, individually and socially, to be on the straight path and persevere in this path.


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