Kenan Evren coup: a green belt project?

The military coup of 1980 was an important factor of economic rationale and the political economic transformation of Turkey, making it one of the most important era of the country.

Kenan Evren coup: a green belt project?

Akif Emre

Everybody has their own 12th September 1980 military coup.When looking at what has been written, rather than concentrating on an self-critical analysis, and workig out "where did we go wrong", people are concentrating on their own position and whitewashing their ideological camps.

At the source of evil, is Kenan Evran. People have spoken up only after the removal of his uniform, him being stripped of his powers, in retirement and after his legacy of continuing the transformation of the oligarchy structure was finalised.

Kenan Evrens September 12 coup carried the distinction of being different to other coups in the past. In any case, it was the last hierarchical intervention in the institutions self-renewal, systematic transformation. 

The coup of May 27 1960 was after all, a coup that undermined the hierarchy and carried out by officers acting outside of the command. With Turkey being a NATO member country, in particular in that era, despite it being a coup, the way it was done, challenged the system. Within this context, even though it did not find support within the community, it divided it into two. The CHP would not ever be voted by the public, the revolution of the masses would be hurt and weighed upon a sense of outrage towards executions and vicitimization.

With the 12 March 1971 coup realised less intensely, the end resulted in the interference of the junta by another junta. Instead of restoring the system, it resulted in an internal accountability amongst the military bureaucracy. Therefore, despite any adjustments that have been undertaken, no other revolution like the 1960 revolution will leave any permenant stain.

The leadership of Evren in the 12th September coup, in every sense was the restoration of a cold war movement. It was carefully planned, hierarchical and with a specific goal, and calculated with a specific means.

The coup's repression and torture was so severe that the extensive organisational grieveances and ideological structures that were exposed prevented them from self critical analysis. More precisely, the left and right structures avoided the importance of the confrontation by taking refuge in their violent and torturous literature.

In particular, the leftist literature is so shallow and widespread, its almost as if they were a mass that has never taken up arms or spread blooshed. With the influence of the left on the media and art circles, it had a profound impact transforming the feelings on the literary and intellecutual consciousness in relation to the coup.

Meanwhile, the current general agenda that is not being brought to the surface is the deception of the interesting paradox of the nationalist-MHP sector. Those people who poured into the streets and spilt their blood in favour of the government, have found themselves,with the sounding of the prison whistle, behind bars and in the midst of torture.

With the Evren coup, certain one-sided inferences can be made in relation to the leftist victimization and leftist intelligentsia political perspective.

-The 12 September coup cause-effect relationship was the most important step in Turkey's neo-liberal era. It was an important factor of the economic rationale and the political-economic transformation of the country. For example, those analysing the 24 January 1980 decisions could see the inevitability of a coup taking place.

-Turning into an urban legend, the green belt project of the cold war era that was 12 September is not descriptive on its own. Having forgotten that Turkey is a NATO member, and part of the Western system,it is not sufficient to add another belt, and this is not just insufficient but it is misleading.

-The impact of the social and political direction, contrary to popular belief, the revitilization of the Turkish-Islam synthesis against communism, is lacking.

-With the coup, for the first time, the government has accepted the religion reality and pulled it through to the centre in a controlled recognition process. The main reason for these are the increasing Islamic movements around the world, in the conditions of that year. In particular, the Iranian revolution in terms of regime changed forced Turkey's traditional structures to change. Groups such as the Nur movement and traditional sufi movements redesigned themselves according to this political model.

-The conservative right structures who could implement these neo liberal policies, who could carry Ozalist policies were motivated; if nothing, they were turned a blind eye

-It is nothing more than ideological blindness to count the era of Soviet signals of a losing race towards America as the sole reason for the Evren revolution and count the green belt as a goal. In a Muslim country, no matter the government is, what could be more natural for social projects be based on this reality.

-In particular the media, and certain sections of the bureucracy who took the 12th September goals pulling in the leftsts to the system, taking on the role of ideological mechanisms shows that they have fallen into the same position as nationalists is nothing more than a paradox.

-Kenan Evren had characteristics that distinguished him from other coup leaders. Coming from a military background, his oratory skills drew attention immediately. He made effort in front of the public with his irate speech by adopting the coup.

-With the left and right joining hands brought the nation to the brink of civil war, or, the revolutionaries in the background awaiting the right mature conditions, made it easier for the public consciousness in faciilitating the work of the revolutionaries. Ultimately, with the support of the American government, thousands of lives were blackened, a period of suppression of human dignity producing many state-will reasons. There cannot be recompense for not one injustly punished, executed and tortured person.

-Setting aside ideological blindness, the conservative right wing neo-liberal policies prepared suitable conditions, cutting off the front of Islamic movements to allow for moderate conservatives, opened the way for the allowance of specific critical ares of the system for the left is the result of changing the big picture.

-Those who do not analyse the 12th September events properly, also cannot analyse the Cemaat-government clash, or the neo-liberal transformations or even the post-Kemalist process properly.


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