Us against the ones that are bloodthirsty..

Sometimes we see these bloodthirsty people in official clothes and with weapons given to them to protect the country pointing them towards the public.

Us against the ones that are bloodthirsty..

Erhan Erken - Istanbul 

There was an expression used by the elders of our family, my grandfathers and grandmothers. When they read a news about a person that does not hesitate to kill some one, they use to say 'this men is acting as if he is bloodthirsty'.

Nowadays, looking at the assassination, bombing, suicide bombing in a row targeting communities in different regions of Turkey, the word of the elders come to my mind. Those who do these are bloodthirsty.

We see these bloodthirsty people with suicide bombers, one day in Ankara Kizilay, a short time later at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, beside the bus of unarmed soldiers that are out on a break, on the scene that the young police officers gather after a football game or at the nape of an officer that is walking in the market with his family, at the opening of an exhibition with a weapon pointed at the back of an ambassador or while  killing innocent people with automatik weapons at the beginnig time of a new year

Sometimes we see these bloodthirsty people in official clothes and with weapons given to them to protect the country pointing them towards the public.

Those who do these actions are sometimes come in front of us with the PKK identity. Another day, as Kurdistan Freedom Falcons, next day as ISIL, while pointing weapons at the public as Gulenist Terror organisation and the same with the last action or according to another narrative as NUSRA.

First of all, we must call these bombers and those who pull the triggers as bloodthirsty monsters. What about the ones that help them, those who agitate them, those who plan these organised actions and go to a conclusion with the other actions they have developed. All of those who do these disgusting assaults, both the ones inside and outside of Turkey are in one word, bloodthirsty villains and murderers.

After some time we see the poor people that do the actions who are in the last ring of the chain either have been perforated, shattered to pieces or tortured in the hands of the security forces. But as we go towards the back of the chain we feel that we will reach or get closed to people that have more stylish and are very contemporary (!) with their appearances, suits, ties and cufflinks. Also as venue, very nicely furnished meeting rooms, beautiful buildings built in large gardens, and offices equipped with computers and technological equipments all around. But at these points that we have reached are people that are bloodthirsty, not only them but everything and everyone around them. They are all miserable people.

Why are these struggles being made?

If we were to express it in simple way, it is made to get Turkey under control and to restrict it's mobility. To elaborate it further, it is made so those who use the power can be able to give peace and happiness to those people who are under their own nature. It is to ensure that the energy that is used to produce and examine these products, that are seen as the sources of this happiness, can be controlled. Also to seize the regions where the raw materials that will bring prosperity to people will be obtained cheaper. For the control and safety of the road, sea and air routes that have been made to transport these product to their own people.

It is possible to give more examples.

Then what is expressed to be in the centre of these. What is all of this for?
For human beings, for human beings to have a better life.

To ensure the happiness of the greatest number of people. To reach the welfare state or similar ideals to this.
Some want an autonomous land, others want a corridor for the energy route. Someone else wants the lands that they believe was promised to their own people, the other one wants raw materials, and the last one wants men for their arm and brain power.

But how right is it to expect, the things that are said to have been made for the happiness and welfare of the mankind, from blood, killing and murdering people. How humanly is to provide happiness, peace and prosperity for some people by destroying other people and their communities...?

Of course it isn't. Can someone that claim to be a human do this inhuman treatment to other people? It is obviously see that there are things wrong here...

Who are we and what do we want to do?

We (those who do not do the wrong things I have mentioned above on purpose and avoid them) come from a tradition that claims to for centuries bring peace and prosperity to mankind according to the prescription given by Allah, their creator. We say, make the humans live so the state can stay alive. Also we say, a thought that does not serve the whole of mankind can not save us. We are trying to keep track of an idea that excepts all that is created, the flying bird, creeping insects, air, water as entrusted to and feel burdened with their burden.

We know that we must love the created one because of its creator, Allah the Almighty. We follow the footsteps of our grandfathers and the path that they are on, that when reached other geographies outside of our land does not take from them but gives them things.

For the past more then hundred years, with the influence of the westerners, for the estrangement from our own self under the assault, the link with our past was partly damaged, and we have almost lost the thread that held our past. But in the recent times, with great effort, we are trying to catch back the thread that we have lost. We are trying to reach these targets once again, just like we have done in the past.

Those who are deaf and blind to these truths, those whose minds are covered with a black cover seem to be afraid of us starting to regain the thread.

We are sure that this is what the upper mind behind the consecutive assaults are.

The enemies that are bloodthirsty allover of the truth, do all kinds of terrible things. It hurts us. Sometimes it gets us real bored.
But we shouldn't forget that every night will reach a morning. Moreover, Almighty Allah is there to help us if we are sincere.

We will be sincere, we will be united, we will never forget the values mentioned above that made us. Even for those who do evil things to us we will say, oh my Allah they do not know, just as the prophet peace be upon him has said towards those who have stoned him in Taif. We will say, guide them to the right path.

We will take the maximum measures to protect ourselves and those we are obligated to protect and on the other side we need to order the good. We will try to ban people from the evil. We will be role models. We should be aware that a mistake we will make towards the values we care about is as bad as to destroying a system.

We will keep our morale high. In economic activities, we will give more importance to production and real economic development than to financial movements. Even at the times that we are very upset, we will not stop from learning new things, from improving our cultural accumulation, from constructing the place we are, beautifying it. Meaning we will not rest from inside and outside reconstruction.

Let us not forget that if goodness grows and covers every where, there will be no space for the evil ones and evil things to move.

Being able to cover every where with goodness should be the most important method of us to battle against the ones that are bloodthirsty.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 24 Ocak 2017, 14:19