WORLD BULLETIN: Celebrating 10 Years

World Bulletin News Portal has been launched to publish within the body of Global Communication Center since the last days of September in 2007. This year marks the 10th anniversary of World Bulletin.

WORLD BULLETIN: Celebrating 10 Years

World Bulletin 

One of the most important points to pay attention in the past decade is to get the news, which are ignored, omitted, or distorted by the national and international mainstream media to the public in a correct way. However, World Bulletin has made earnest attempt to convey to the readers not only the news but also careful and comprehensive analysis.

This work, which we have started with the late Akif Emre's editorial directorship was a brand new development for newscasting on the Internet at first in terms of conveying to the readers unique news analysis from different regions of the world. World Bulletin is one the first launchers of this style of digital publication. Today, we are pleased to see many websites and news agencies are in this area with vast opportunities. Needless to say that leading such an important development is an endless pleasure and honour for World Bulletin. More than 500 news reports have been published in the last 10 years in World Bulletin.

For 10 years, World Bulletin has tried to pay special attention to news from Turkey as well as all around the world, especially the Islamic world. The fact that 70,000 news articles of the 200,000 on our website are from the world news category explains the approach of World Bulletin in that sense. During that time, 45,000 news from Turkey took place on our website. Middle East news reached the number of 23,000; while Asia-Pacific news were about 25,000 on the site.

Along with the development of social media, World Bulletin has also been active in these fields with various social media accounts. Besides preparing high quality news and analysis and publishing them on the website, our team has tried to reach the masses to the public through the social media channels. Since communication has changed in terms of form and substance, internet media has been forced to be active in these relatively new areas. World Bulletin, in particular, came to the forefront as a very important and noteworthy account with its Facebook page, which exceeded 900,000 likes. Again, according to a survey conducted by a media organization two years ago, it is noted that the Twitter account of World Bulletin is one of the most effective Twitter accounts in the Islamic World.

We have worked with more than 100 friends over 10 years on World Bulletin and on Dünya Bülteni, which is Turkish version of it. We have a lot of friends who are very experienced and expert on their field as well as a lot of friends who started from scratch and trained themselves successfully and and continue to work in important media organizations broadcasting in English and Turkish. We thank each other individually for their contribution.

Akif Emre, the late editorial director of World Bulletin and Dünya Bülteni, contributed significantly to the training of the fellow workers for eight years; besides protected and supported them. We continue to keep in touch with the vast majority of our former employees. This is probably one of our greatest achievements over the past decade.

To sum up, ten years, filled with successes, mistakes, attempts, and fails, have already passed in the blink of an eye. We would be pleased that in the past ten years if we could leave a lasting impression on Internet media. We would like to thank our kind friends supported us during this time financially both in terms of advertisements and sponsorship.

Especially we express our gratitude towards our viewers who follow us carefully, advise and criticize us when necessary, but always wish us to be better.

In the tenth year of World Bulletin, we pray to Allah for Akif Emre’s soul rest in peace, editorial directorship for a long time on our website, and the ones’ soul who are acquaintances and relatives of our employees and audiences.

It is at the forefront of our most important objectives that the World Bulletin's ten-year work can be sincerely pursued in accordance with its former principles.

May Allah bless us with success and guide us to the straight path.

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